Locally Screen Printed Tote
Locally Screen Printed Tote
Wednesday+Rose Soy Candles

Locally Screen Printed Tote

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Canvas cotton or lightweight cotton tote with Wednesday + Rose floral screen print.  14" x 15"

Our lightweight cotton tote is your standard go to tote. The perfect addition to any outfit as well as super easy to fold up and throw into your purse for shopping trips.

The canvas cotton tote is a sturdier version with thicker woven straps. Perfect for when you have heavier items to tote around town with! 

*NEW* black on black screen printed cotton tote! This super chic monochromatic tote is perfect carry all. Also hides coffee drips very well.. 

Screen printed in Guelph, Ontario.

Burn Tip: Always allow wax to melt all the way to the glass *before* blowing it out - this will prevent tunnelling and the wax will melt clean down the jar!

Recycle your candle jars by washing them with warm soapy water - use to store any little things, q-tips, hair elastics and bobby pins or use the glass jar as a new home for a baby houseplant.

The Element collection features our signature candle scents poured into custom 8 oz. W+R ceramic tumblers. These beauties are handmade locally by Jaci Ryan of Jacpot Pottery. When your candle is done, reuse your ceramic vessel as a home for a plant baby, as a snack bowl or as a mug for tea.