About Us

Wednesday+Rose is an indie ecofriendly soy candle company located in Guelph Ontario, Canada. Founded by local Marissa Chaulk, Wednesday+Rose has been providing clean burning candles since 2015. Originally from Nova Scotia, Marissa developed a deep respect for the ocean, forests and their wildlife inhabitants.  Eager to create a brand that was dedicated to providing quality, clean, and ethical candles for the people that burn them and for the planet that is our home, Wednesday+Rose began.

Unwilling to compromise on any of the ingredients and passionate about protecting our planet, Wednesday+Rose has sourced the most ethical and environmentally friendly soy bean crop and oils available. Our North American farmers follow sustainable farming and sourcing practices and only farm Non-GMO soy beans without the use of herbicides and pesticides.  Our wicks are made with cotton fibers and burn completely free of lead.

Our scents are created in our studio with the highest quality (paraben/phthalate free) fragrance oils and therapeutic grade essential oils which allow us to know exactly what we are putting into our candles. All of our candles come in reusable glass jars with metal lids that are perfect homes for miscellaneous items and plant babies once you have finished your candle.

A portion of all of our sales is donated to Canadian environmental conservation.


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